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About provides information primarily, but not exclusively, on correlations between stocks. The team behind stockstats has over 40 years of combined IT experience, over 30 of which are in and with the financial industry.

Currently, there are three main features to check for correlations:

  • Ticker vs. ticker correlation
  • Up to 10x10 ticker correlation matrix
  • A specific correlation search for a given base ticker
You can also get a quick overview over any ticker in our database. Additionally, we have several other features in our pipeline, among these are:
  • Improving the fundamental ticker information, e.g. by supporting it by specific stats of technical indicators (e.g. EMAs), or fundamental parameters (ongoing);
  • Portfolio beta updates and improvements (ETA: Q II 2024);
  • Portfolios: will let you save your portfolio and get daily updates on correlations or calculate your portfolio beta (ETA: Q II 2024);

Please submit suggestions and feedback to support [at] stockstats [dot] finance. In particular, if you have specific ideas for additional correlation functions or need further information on stocks, please do not hesitate to let us know, we will consider all ideas!

Our data are kept up to date on a daily basis, and the previous day's data should be live around 4am New York time.